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i want to love. i want to beloved. I want to be happy. I want my family to be proud of me.i love my family truly. i love my close friends truly. I want to love myself. I want to love you. I don't want to be afraid of time. i want to not give a fuck.  i don't want to feel blame. to all of you fake heads i don't give a shit bout' u keep on trending till' you start descending. i cut before i start. i want to be less angry. i waste my time. i tend to hate quickly. I have so much in me. I want to thank every morning that I wake up. I take my life too much for granted. i lost friends. i stayed at home. I escaped life. Some days I don't see the reason to keep on moving.
some days i feel like i'm the chosen one. GOD'S messenger.i don't do shit then i regret it. i do shit then i regret it. i got so much to give. i can do everything.i overthink everything. I want to be a superstar.I AM THE BIGGEST ROCKSTAR EVER. I want to be the future. i want to be a monk.
GEN Z TYPE O SHIT BABY. i want a 100 million deal.i want to take my mom to the grammys. i want to design my home. i'm a boy. i'm a girl. i'm scared that the world is over. i want an old car. Porsche 356.true beauty makes function. fuck em' trends i'm telling the truth. i want to have crazy dinners. i want to make crazy music. i want to make food for my girl when she gets home. i want to learn everything. i want to be happy.
"as the story goes, the prince looked at the sky with clear eyes. your time has arrived said the Phoenix and they flew out to the blue infinity"
yours sincerely,

- I.F

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