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Dear Corteiz

We are Itamar and Noam Fainer.
We're brothers and we make music together with a goal of
becoming the greatest.
we do everything by ourselves homemade including the videos, art etc.
3 of our songs were featured on Frank Ocean's 'Homer Radio' on episodes 7, 15 and 19.

Corteiz is one of our biggest inspirations now.
Each and every time we see a drop or a post i hits us with tons of inspiration. I
t's the same for us - Making a global brand with an honest and brave heart and pure style that inspire the youth.
We're coming to London in April to do shows with our band - Bare hands.
We want to offer a collaboration that we feel as an hi
storical one,
to shoot some videos and commercials together.
Yeah we are two white boys but that's exactly what can make this historical - Punk and Rock with LUNDUN's
 Flyest street brand is a total mind blower.
Just like CRTZ and Nike
Just like Virgil and Louie V.
That moment can be a remarkable point in culture.
Only Love, 
The Fainer Brothers.


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©Corteiz logo is not ours it's Corteiz only!

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